Aims and Scope

ESCTJ is Publishing high quality original scientific research and reviews and clinical studies in all areas of toxicological sciences describing hypothesis-based investigations, mechanisms of toxicity, functional, biochemical and structural disorders.

The scope of the journal includes the study of all types of toxic substances, mechanisms of toxicity, toxicological testing, diagnosis, management, and prevention of toxicity resulting from poisons, chemicals, medications, carcinogens, food additives, contaminants, environmental pollutants and other toxic substances and their effects on health. 


high-quality original articles, reviews, editorials, and case studies and case reports in the field of clinical, including Neurotoxicity – Nephrotoxicity - Cardiac toxicity-Respiratory Toxicity - Ototoxicity- Endocrine Toxicity – Genotoxicity - Ocular toxicity - Carcinogenicity – Immunotoxicity - Hematopoietic Toxicity – Hepatic /Gastrointestinal Toxicity-  Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity-Food toxicity- Radiation Toxicity – Cytotoxicity-Drug toxicity - Nanotoxicology- Environmental Toxicology - Forensic toxicology, xenobiotics, microbial toxins-Pesticide Toxicity -Toxicity testing methods and Biomarkers of Toxicity - Occupational Toxicology - Plant and Animal Toxins.